Cooking while Celiac

7. raining

Saturday morning I had a sausage sandwich for breakfast, made of buttery toast, cheese, tomato sauce and some whole grain mustard just to be fancy. Curled on the couch with a mug of coffee, season one of Supernatural and a comfort food breakfast I couldn’t have been happier. It was a lovely, lazy, gluten free treat on a miserable February morning.

People always make a sympathetic face when I tell them I’m celiac. Most people aren’t quite sure what being celiac means, but some people have heard about the dreaded gluten as it has become a healthy eating buzz word lately. To those people eating gluten free implies denial and sacrifice; it certainly does not suggest sausage sarnies.

I am not a doctor, dietician or nutritionist so I do not have an opinion on whether eating gluten free is a step on a magical road to wellness for all.  I am, however, celiac and therefore I know what eating gluten free means for me. I no longer feel exhausted as soon as I open my eyes, not just tired but bone weary. My brain doesn’t feel like it is full of cotton wool. My stomach isn’t bloated and sore and I no longer get stomach pains that land me crying in a heap on the floor. I am healthier because I am following a diet that manages an autoimmune condition.

Although I eat gluten free my life and my relationship with food is not about denial. Avoidance is a better word, I avoid foods that I know make me ill but I am not really one for denying myself much of anything, within reason of course. There is an abundance of foods I can eat and I do. I know I am lucky because I can cook and more importantly I can bake for myself. For anyone who is celiac acquiring basic cooking and baking skills is a necessity if only because gluten free food can be ridiculously expensive

It can seem daunting, the idea of finding substitutions or letting an ingredient containing gluten slip by you but eventually cooking gluten free becomes second nature.  That is what I want to write about here, how easy it can be to cook gluten free, for yourself, for family, friends, work colleagues or potential soul mates who may be celiac.

sausage sandwich


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