Victoria’s Secret Garden

V1. Garden collage

Six years ago I moved in to a house in Dublin 7, I barely looked at the place as I was in such a rush to get out of where I was living. As long as it had all the necessary walls and ceilings I was good to go. I even chose to ignore the delightful urchins who threw chips at me as I walked up the road to view the house. The one thing that did catch my eye was the fact that there was a really good sized back garden, it had a washing line and this appealed to my frugal soul.

Most city center gardens are cramped spaces with damp mottled walls and no grass. This garden consists of a bricked patio area and a good sized patch of weeds that when strimmed back can pass for grass. There is a giant holly tree that been raided every Christmas and ten foot walls edged with broken glass for added security.

As we weren’t planning on staying too long in this house we didn’t do much in terms of garden improvement. A basketball hoop was haphazardly attached to one wall and the garden was generally used for messing around with footballs and frisbees and the occasional BBQ.

A few years and one extreme frisbee incident later and sports were banned. At the same time the drain became blocked flooding the bricked area, and construction started on a vacant lot behind our house causing an invasion of disgruntled, newly homeless rats, so the door was firmly closed to the garden.

Last year the sun came out, the drain was cleared and we tentatively ventured back outside to find it rat-less. This year I am determined to make the garden a nice space to be in.

I am always filled with garden envy when I go home to Cork to visit family, my parents have spent years turning their garden in to a really relaxing space that is great for entertaining. That is what I want to create in my backyard, however as this isn’t my own home I don’t want to invest money in this project so I am going to see what I can manage with hard graft, imagination and as much help as I can get!

These are the before pictures and hopefully I will be able to share the progress of this project here. Any tips will be gratefully appreciated!

V1. Garden collage


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