Official Launch

C23d. Announcement

March 3rd has finally arrived and so have we!

This is the official launch of our new Irish Lifestyle blog, the purpose of which is to discuss all things ‘Home’ related. Be they the things that make a home {interior design, cooking, baking, GIY, DIY (because something always breaks), buying or renting the space in the first place} or the things that go on inside a home {weddings, flatmates, babies, learning to drive, arguments, work issues, lucky breaks and everything in between}.

We will be posting updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so stop by and check us out then.

If you would like a little more information on what we are about click into ‘About Us’ and if you would like to know a little more about the mysterious ‘us’ please click into our Bios.

Please peruse the other tabs at your leisure – like everything that takes your fancy and offer up any opinion you have in the comments section ….

but whatever you do,

at all costs,

if you do nothing else,

click ‘follow’ and spread the word about the hottest thing since the heat wave of ’06.

C23b. hot stuff v2


Please follow us here or on


Twitter: @AHomeMadeByComm

Tumblr: homemadebycommittee

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