GF French Toast

V4. french toast

When I was small my cousin used to make us eggy bread for lunch when she babysat, it was quick and easy, beat the eggs, soak the bread and fry in butter, job done. I loved it then and I love it now by its grown up name of French Toast.

I have made a few different versions of French Toast some more complicated than others, involving brioche or croissants and cream, lots of cream. But for a quick weekend breakfast I just go back to the simple process my cousin used. Add some Maple Syrup poured over the crisp golden toast, spilling down on a slice of bacon and I am a happy camper.

When I am making this for my self I use gluten free bread I have recently found that the Aldi GF bread stands up really well to being soaked in beaten egg and then fried, it doesn’t disintegrate and crisps up nicely.

There isn’t really a recipe for this but as a guideline for two people with two slices of toast per person I use two eggs, beat with a fork, add a splash of cream if you happen to have some in the fridge and a bit of salt and pepper. Soak the bread in the egg mix and leave for as long as you can so the bread can absorb the eggy goodness, at least ten minutes.

Heat a pan and add a good knob of butter and a drop of oil as this will stop the butter from burning. When the butter is sizzling nicely add the bread. Fry until golden and then flip to fry the other side. In the meantime grill some bacon and warm a plate.

Serve the french toast with bacon and a good drizzle of Maple Syrup or the condiment of your choice. Enjoy.

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