Be Free Wraps


If you work on Baggot st in Dublin 4 chances are you have bought lunch in Donnybrook Fair at some point. If you have been to the sandwich counter you have most definitely heard people ordering a Number 13, I reckon it is the most frequently ordered sandwich they make. This wrap, filled with breaded chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and a taco mayonnaise has kept body and soul together for a lot of the people I work with and I have long envied them.

Tortilla wraps were big a while back as a low carb alternative to bread but I have always liked them because they allow you to concentrate on the filling rather than the bread of a sandwich. I love burritos; meat, rice, beans, cheese, salsa and sour
cream all together in a neat little tube of tasty goodness. My favorite though is a toasted wrap, a crisp, slightly scorched wrap oozing melted cheese.

When I was diagnosed celiac I resigned myself to a life of hard or soft corn tacos but while they were great for mexican food they did not fill my sandwich needs. I learned to make my own gluten free wraps and they were fine if a bit labour intensive
and not great for mid week work lunches.

The Be Free Wraps are that rare gluten free product that is so close to the gluten filled version that it is hard to tell between the two. The Be Free Warps are as soft and as pliant as regular flour wraps, you can eat them straight out of the pack so
they are great for lunches and they toast really well.

A great lunch time or post pub snack is a wrap filled with tuna mayonnaise and cheese. Fill the wrap with cheese and tuna, fold two ends of the wrap up over the filling and then roll the wrap tight. Place in a hot dry frying pan with the join side down and toast until crisp and golden brown, or if you are me slightly blackened, then turn and toast the other side. Remove from the pan and cut in half and enjoy.

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