You know you are old when…

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Grey hairs, a trick knee/hip/shoulder, the odd wrinkle – the clues that show your body is aging are very clear, but the clues to show your mind is following can be more elusive…

  1. “Kids today” refers to people in their mid to late twenties rather than their teens.
  2. Mylie Cyrus’s antics read like a re-run of the Madonna playbook, only with less singing ability as if anyone thought that was possible.
  3. You can’t watch twilight without getting flashbacks to your own years of teenaged angst when everything was so dramatic, so heartfelt, and god, so deep man – oh and of course, nobody knew a love like yours.
  4. Pension talks are no longer an excuse to catch an hour’s kip at work – now you bring a pen and notebook to take notes for those who might miss it.
  5. Your friends are all on drugs – but now they are prescribed and legal.
  6. While intrigued by it, you can’t help but note that some of the antics in Fifty Shades Of Grey were not up to any Health and Safety code.
  7. You are no longer “really fit” and people have begun to refer to you as spry, or being very active “for your age”.
  8. A good pub is one where you can get a seat; a great pub is one where you can sit down and hear what people are saying over the music.
  9. Your credit card statement reads as a who’s-who of DIY stores, supermarkets and carparks.
  10. Songs banned from radio in your twenties are now considered classic rock.

One thought on “You know you are old when…

  1. I can so relate. I know I am getting old when 8-year old said,” dad, you’re old,” and it hurts rather than being funny. It is a great reality check though to live healthier, smarter.


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