Has No: Gluten Free Muffins by Aldi


As I was doing the groceries a few weeks ago I noted that Aldi is now doing a Gluten Free range. I spotted bread, pasta, cereal, biscuits and chocolate muffins. Shopping Gluten Free can be very expensive, particularly if you are in a situation where a few people in the one household are celiac so it is great to see a range of low cost products.
I don’t usually buy Gluten Free baked goods, I prefer to make my own as it annoys me that I am expected to pay between €2 and €4 for individual baked goods that have been made with margarine rather than butter, I don’t like margarine. Like all muffins though these were made with oil so I picked up one of the double pack of chocolate muffins.
The packaging is bright and the ingredients clearly labelled. I liked the way the muffins were presented, wrapped in paper in a solid container. The muffins are a good dark chocolate brown with a nice sheen. The producers have decided to counteract the usually dryness of GF baked goods by having a chocolate flavour filling almost as if they drizzled chocolate syrup over the muffin after it was baked.

The muffins themselves were nice, not earth shatteringly great but nice, soft with a moist crumby texture and not at all dry or heavy like many gluten free products. I really enjoyed eating a treat I hadn’t baked myself that didn’t cost the earth. The muffins lovely with a cup of tea and I think that if you heated one up and served it with a scoop of ice cream it would be delicious. The pack of two muffins cost €1.99 which is an unbelievable bargain when you consider that one Goodness Grain Blueberry Muffin is €2.40 and one Delicious GF Brownie is €1.25 (if purchased online).
I opened the pack on Monday evening and had one muffin and on Wednesday morning grabbed the second muffin to have with coffee in work. The muffin was still nice and soft two days after the packaging had been opened so that was a nice surprise.
I would recommend anyone shopping GF on a budget to check out this range. I haven’t tried anything else yet but I am hoping that the muffin and the Aldi GF bread, which I also like, give a good indication of the quality of the range.


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