Goodness Grain Gluten Free Bread Review


When I was first diagnosed as celiac my fist big cry was over bread, ten year ago Gluten Free bread options were not what they are today. Bread was dry, tasteless and bizarrely small. Wee slices of bread, with the texture of a dish washing sponge and they always needed to be toasted.

Farewell, crusty baguettes slathered in butter, soft yielding brioche burger buns, white sliced bread sandwiching crisps or chips, the future looked bleak.

Ten years on and the situation has improved dramatically. For one thing you can get GF bread that is the almost the same size as non GF bread, which is a bonus when you are making sandwiches. The flavour of the bread and the texture has also improved. I think more and more companies are spending time and money researching ways to improve the overall quality of gluten free products which I appreciate given the extravagant cost of GF products.


My treat bread right now is the Goodness Grain Bread, my favourite being the Sundried Tomato and Olive Loaf.
This is the first GF bread I have found that is truly pleasant to eat. I would sit there with a pound of butter and munch my way through a loaf. The texture is great, nicely soft and it slices really well. It also looks appetizing and so is great for dinner parties where you want to put bread out for your guests. I have served this the people who haven’t guessed that it is gluten free.


A loaf is priced at €4.95 from Fallon & Byrne but also available online at The website also has a full list of stockists.

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