Friday Review: Gluten Free Black Pudding


A few years ago you couldn’t go to a restaurant without there being some kind of Black Pudding starter on the menu. Black Pudding salads, Black Pudding Bruschetta, Black Pudding Croquettes, black pudding was the height of food fashion just about the time I stopped being able to eat it. Given the rise of artisan butchers creating their own quality pudding and sausages the humble black pudding has managed to stay in vogue. Pudding was always a breakfast staple, one of my favourite food memories is of my dad mashing crumbly black pudding with tomato sauce and smearing this glorious paste on toast for us on weekend mornings, it may sound odd but don’t knock it until you have tried it. Outside of breakfast black pudding with its lovely complex flavour and texture can be a great addition to many dishes.

I have already waxed lyrical on my joy at the ready availability of gluten free sausages but I was even more delighted to find Gluten Free black pudding. In an effort to fill the craving I had gone so far as finding a recipe to make my own but it began with locating a few quarts of pigs blood and I wasn’t quite sure how to go about sourcing that in city centre Dublin.

Both Hodgins (featured here) and Clonakilty do very good gluten free black puddings. They have slightly different textures, Hodgins is firmer which is great for grilling while the Clonakilty pudding is slightly looser and therefore great for crumbling into other dishes. They are both equally delicious and if you are planning a breakfast that includes both celiacs and non- celiacs you could serve everyone either of these puddings and the non celiacs would never know the difference.

One point in Clonakilty’s favour is that they do a duo pack of mini Gluten Free Black and White Pudding which is very handy for a two person household. I have found the Hodgins and Clonakilty puddings in Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Super Value but like a lot of gluten free products their availability can be sporadic. If you can find them pick some up and enjoy a gluten free full Irish breakfast this weekend!


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