We are recruiting!

credit: Maire Brophy Discworld Convention
credit: Maire Brophy Discworld Convention

Know something about fashion and beauty that you are just dying to share with the rest of the world? Fancy yourself as a blogger, but are afraid of committing to your own blog? Want to be part of the quiet revolution but can’t quite figure out the secret handshake to get in? Well today is your lucky day – because we are recruiting and we want you!


We are looking for a blogger who is primarily interested in fashion and beauty from any part of the world to join the AHMBC team. The ideal candidate will:


  • Commit to submitting at least one article a month on any topic they choose.
  • Be active on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram … any and all social media platforms really
  • Be interested in taking beautiful photos and understand how image crediting on blogs works
  • Love to write (and be good at it)
  • Be generally awesome and interesting


To apply to please send us the following items to clarke_cathy@hotmail.com:

  • A brief description of yourself and your background or interest in fashion and beauty
  • Your motivation or reasons for wanting to join our blog
  • Ten article topics that you would like to write for the blog
  • Your Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram handle(s)


Please note: this role isn’t paid, however you’ll be sure to get loads of great experience, exposure and hopefully the odd freebie!



Best of Luck,


Cathy & Vicky

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