Web Awards 2014: We made it to the Quarter Finals

web awards 2014

Like a plucky New York ladies football team trying for the Sam Maguire Cup, we are at dazzling heights of success here, having reached the Quarter Finals stage of the Web Awards 2014. For a team that would have been delighted with mid-table obscurity, to achieve this much this quickly is an amazing feeling. We count ourselves lucky not to be fighting relegation to the Award Programme for those using English as a foreign language.

To keep us fighting fit for the rest of the competition we are taking a leaf from Kieran Donaghy’s book (the captain of the winning Kerry team in the All Ireland final) and arranging for “morning juices” to keep up our stamina.

Go on the Girls in a peculiar shade of Sage Green, we can do it!!

The Web Awards will take place during a glitzy affair on October 22nd in Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin. We are nominated in the Best Web Only Publication category and the Best Daily Web Only Publication category.

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