Friday Review: Tesco Free From Pizza


Over cooked because that is how I like my frozen pizza, the crispy cheese is not the fault of Tesco!

I have to say I am a big fan of the Tesco Gluten Free range, it is relatively affordable and their Microwavable GF hot chocolate puddings have cheered up many a miserably rainy evening for me. Sometimes they get it wrong, the GF version of Tiramisu is just not pleasant, but the bread, pasta and digestive cookies (which I always use for cheesecake bases) are great and I defy anyone to try the new Tesco Finest GF All Butter White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies and find them anything but delicious.


One hung over Sunday afternoon while attempting to grocery shop and dinner plan I found the Tesco GF Frozen Pizza, annoyingly it wasn’t with all the other pizza’s it was off with the Weight Watchers frozen dinners for some reason and I only found it because I was in that glazed state where I had to stare at all the shelves until my brain could focus on what I might actually be shopping for.

The packaging couldn’t be more secure to prevent contamination, this thing is literally hermetically sealed in hard plastic and, bonus, it was only €3.99. This is not too far from the price of a regular frozen pizza and in fact is less than many of the Goodfellas and Chicago Town pizza’s.


Given my fragile state this was a very welcome find as I was in no mood to actually do anything more complicated than open a package and put something in the oven. In fairness to Tesco this is pretty good value and wasn’t bad. The base is quite thick and bread like, it reminded me of the bases you would find in supermarket delis where you make up your own pizza at the counter. The tomato sauce was good and there was a fair amount of cheese and all in all it was a tasty pizza, nothing fancy but it hit the spot.

I think this pizza would be great for anyone with celiac kids who might be fussy about eating anything more than a plain cheese pizza and if you had a kid’s party you could give this to everyone and I don’t think you would get any complaints.
This is also a nice frugal find for the days when you don’t want to pay €7+ for a gluten free pizza.

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