The New ‘A Home Made By Committee’ Team

A Home Made By Committee Team
A Home Made By Committee Team


Today the A Home Made By Committee team doubled in size. Pop, just like that, we went from two to four. And we took a giant step into the exciting world of fashion. We are proud to introduce not one, but two awesome new bloggers; Aoife and Chelsea. Both will be blogging primarily about beauty and fashion, but just like Anne Rice paired with Stephenie Meyer, they come to the party with very different opinions on how things should be. I’ll let the ladies introduce themselves below, but first let me say how thrilled and excited Vicky and I are to have them on board.


(If this were a corporate board room there would be round of hearty clapping and cheers followed by the sound of champagne popping in celebration, but as it’s a blog post let’s just skip ahead to the intro’s, but please read on as though you now have the warm buzz from that imaginary glass of champers in your hand.)




Aoife Byrne

Aoife Byrne is an out and out addict (shopping addict of course, don’t worry yourself). Her love of all things makeup and beauty related started right around the time of her pre-teen years. She has learned most of her skills and knowledge in this realm through the use of the almighty YouTube, gaining tips and trick from some of the most experienced and well-known names in the beauty world.


Her love for fashion started a small bit later (better late than never). Naturally she had her fair share of hideous outfit choices (which may forever haunt her), but having written a lot about other people’s fashion choices, she has developed a keen eye for spotting this seasons must-haves as well as timeless and classic pieces which will last a lifetime.


Although a lover of designer items, her student lifestyle sadly does not support this, thus leaving her a complete advocate for high street replicas and knockoffs. This in turn allows her to spend most of (read: all) her free time trolling though shops and online sites to try to find the best quality items for the best price (which of course is all for a good cause).


In the future she hopes to continue writing beauty and fashion articles and completely immerse herself in the industry (#lifegoals).



Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann

Chelsea’s personal style could be defined as “eclectic” if one was being kind – though schizophrenic may be more accurate. Any given week can see her vacillating between Victorian Gothic and Minimal Mod, ’40s Vamp and ’90s Grunge Chick, Punk and Preppy, Flapper Girl and Gibson Girl…and everywhere in between.


Having studied acting and sound design in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and Irish Film, Theatre and Music at Trinity College, Chelsea has always been drawn to the theatrical, and now appropriately enjoys working as a researcher on a television drama – which hones the skills that come in handy when trying to find that elusive dress or discount code online.


Chelsea sources her wardrobe from all over but mostly from the Internet, high street stores and thrift shops. Her sartorial motto: Life is short. Dress Fun.

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