Stay Chic on a Budget

Topic: Fashion, Budget


Even though you mightn’t be on a €100,000 salary, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you are! Now is the time to stop to stop lusting over those designer handbag and shoes and to start purchasing the next best thing, at a fraction of the price, saving you a serious amount of debt and possibly an argument with your spouse. So here are some of my current top picks that I think every girl should treat themselves to this side of Christmas!



“Give a girl a pair of heels and she can conquer the world”, however I don’t think it would be possible for me to conquer the world if food has been eliminated from my everyday life (priorities). Yes these heels are amazing and will go with every outfit and will be worth every penny in the long run, but I don’t know about you but my pennies tend to not add up to this amount!

Don’t worry you won’t have to walk around like a sad, stumpy pauper anymore, thanks to every fashionista’s messiah: Romwe.


Ok, so they might not be made in Italy or from the highest quality “leather”, but they do look damn good and will save you over €430, so you can keep your heel, head and bank balance high!

It may or may not be a personal goal of mine to own this bag, and it may or may not make me feel very sad to have to look up images of this bag but how and ever. This is an extraordinary bag, with an EXTRAORDINARY price tag.

Unfortunately, as winning the lotto is not a common occurrence in most people’s lives and neither is having €6000+ to spend on a bag I’m afraid that we have no other choice but to look elsewhere (no matter how much it may hurt).


Boohoo doesn’t know it yet but it has saved lives and livelihoods by producing this beauty. Saving you over €5700+ you can now purchase that second hand car you were looking at or go on those 4 imaginary holidays you planned this year.



Ok so this watch mightn’t hold such an extreme price tag as the other two items but still it’s not something most people would just casually buy for themselves. (Think of the amount of outfits and alcohol you could get with that money!)


This statement watch is statement enough for me to live and happy and long life with. With a price difference of a whole decimal point shift to the right, it’s worth the trip into the accessory shop (and for me a trip down memory lane, ah luminous clip-ins where would I have been without you)



And if you’re looking for that perfect pair of designer sunglasses and think they are completely out of your reach, think again. A much, much cheaper (and slightly cheekier) way of achieving that lifelong dream of strutting around in those Chanel 5217’s is to ask very nicely. No seriously, it may be a bit of a scavenger hunt but if you go around a couple of sunglasses retailers and ask for previous display items you’re bound to come across a gem or two!

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