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One of the reasons I love living in Ireland is the ease in which I can travel not only to completely different countries (an ease which, admittedly, I should take advantage of more often) but also seamlessly from city to country. Thanks to the kindness and incredible generosity of a dear family friend, I’ve been trans-Atlantic and trans-continental travelling since I was quite young. As such, I like to think I’ve perfected the perfect travel outfit. Plane, train, car or boat, these basics will keep you comfortable and stylish.


A Home Made By Committee - What to Wear When You Travel

The Rules:


  • This is straight from the George Clooney classic Up in the Air, but it’s one I feel strongly about – wear shoes you can easily take on and off for going through security. Also, if you can avoid jewelry, do – and if you can’t (or it conflicts with the rule below), keep it in your carry-on until after you’ve passed through the body-scanners.
  • If packing space is limited, whether because of a budget airline or because you want to keep everything carry-able, wear your bulkiest clothing – provided it’s comfortable. That last part is key (you can tell because it’s in italics). This is an instance where you can ignore the first rule (God, I’d be a terrible parent. Telling you how to break the first rule on the second). If you want to bring boots and they’re going to take up valuable bag space, wear them on the plane. Bulky sweaters or coats as well.
  • HOWEVER – if you’re checking a bag, take advantage of it, and let yourself travel as lightly as possible. Why carry around your coat all through the airport when you can stick it in your bag and unpack it before leaving the airport on the other side?


Those are the practicalities.

Now for the style.


My go to travel outfit consists of very thick black tights (leggings also work), my Fly London wedges (which are SO COMFORTABLE), and either a black cotton/jersey dress, or else a combination of simple black jersey top and H&M black jersey skirt (the latter is an absolute staple wardrobe piece, and if you don’t have one you should go out and buy three). If I don’t need a coat on the trip or it’s already in my stored luggage, I wear a black cardigan and top it off with a pretty wrap/scarf. A backpack is preferable – there is a great convertible satchel at River Island at the moment in several colours that I can highly recommend.


This look allows me to be both comfortable and chic (black is just always an easy choice). I’ve never been upgraded but I firmly believe that if I continue to look sophisticated enough it will happen – however, I’m not going to sacrifice comfort. This look allows me both. It also gives me a good base in case I need to go straight to a meeting…or if my luggage gets lost and I am stuck in the outfit for a while!

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