Fashion Obsession – Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

I was never one of those kids that was particularly outdoorsy.

As an adult…I’m still not particularly outdoorsy. And though I don’t jump on a chair and shriek at the site of a creep-crawly in the house, I do get startled by their presence. I say all of this as a disclaimer, of sorts – I am NOT the cool girl that is super into bugs.


They are so beautiful! For the past few months I’ve been obsessed with bees, beetles, and most of all, moths. Below are some of my favourite things I’ve found to appease this current obsession:

Get the Trend - Bugs

First off, I have to apologize – there are a couple of items in this set that aren’t available anymore (or, more hopefully – at present); I know, that’s a super jerky thing to do. But they do represent some of my favourite ways I’ve seen the insect trend crop up lately. They’re a great blend of edgy and pretty, and can work through the holiday season (such jewel tones!) and through the summer (and come autumn, nothing says Halloween like some spider themed apparel.

Of the above, I have the ASOS Digital Insect Print Dress (it fits loosely, so if you’re looking for something a little snug maybe size down), the Pull & Bear sweatshirt (I basically accosted a woman who was wearing it in the cinema the other day, simultaneously gushing over it and demanding to know where she got it and when), and the green-winged bee earrings from Modcloth (unfortunately one of the sold out items) – I love how they have an Art Deco feel to them. As for the others, as soon as that Coco Fennell dress comes back I think I’ll be taking the plunge, and I’ve had my eye on those Miista loafers as well. Final note – I have some other dresses by Folter – they run a little big as well so again, I’d size down.

I have a feeling this is a trend we’ll be seeing more of, so keep an eye out!

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