We are closing for the Holidays

closed for Christmas

We are closing the site for the Christmas break. Just like the Houses of the Oireachtas and the influential committees of Dail Eireann, we are taking some time to be with our families and some time to be ‘in the community’ (which I have always taken as code for ‘chatting, boozing and shoring up support for the next election’). We will return rested and hopefully not hungover Monday January 12th, 2015, ready to entertain for another year.

Looking back over 2014, it has been a phenomenal year. Not only was this the year that launched A Home Made By Committee, it was the year Garth Brooks threw a public toddler tantrum, Rory McIlroy ditched his finance just after posting the invites to the wedding, and Irish Water generally made a cock-up of the whole thing.

Closer to home however this was the year Cathy shared with us some tips on weddings, her foray into motherhood, interior design with an alternative palette, life advice and a bit of gardening for good measure. Vicky endeavoured to prove that gluten-free can be delicious for the entire family with just a few cooking skills. She gave us all we need for a gluten-free Christmas, some warm hearty winter dinners and a little treat for after. She showed us how to entertain and be entertained. Chelsea joined us late but so far has put in a sterling performance giving us tips on spotting trends and how to do them better than the rest.

The Committee reached dizzing heights in this our first year of blogging, doing better than could have been expected in both the Blog Awards and Web Awards. However it wasn’t all plain sailing, we had a controversial disagreement between members over Moon Acreage – a proposal and rebuttal. And hit rocky ground while trying to navigate our way in this new blogging world.

Overall 2014 has been good for us and to us, and we cannot wait for 2015. Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings you luck and happiness.


The Committee Members

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