Friday Review: Pagraigin’s Gluten Free Pizza

This is my third pizza review for this blog, this may lead you to think that I like pizza and you would be correct. I like pizza, the bubbling tomato sauce, the melting mozzarella stringing out as you pull the slice away from the pie. I am a fan of all kinds of toppings except chicken, it just seems wrong, and I even love the crusts. In my less responsible days the best slice of pizza was the one you found still in the take away box, like a little gift from the hangover gods, the morning after that night when you definitely didn’t recognise the drink that was one too many.

Going gluten free has curtailed my access to good pizza. GF pizza is pretty easily available now days however the quest continues for really good GF pizza in Ireland. The best GF pizza I had recently was in Malmo, Sweden. The base was thin and crisp, perfectly blackened and blistered having been cooked in a proper wood fired pizza oven. The tomato sauce was beautiful, and the toppings of translucent shreds of Parma ham, olives and basil reminded me that Gluten Free does not have to equal disappointment.

So now that I know it is possible to make good gluten free pizza I want good gluten free pizza. Short of building my own pizza oven in the garden I am stuck with what I have so I will be working hard this year to replicate the base from that amazing Swedish pizza in my tiny gas oven. In the meantime I am still trying all the GF frozen  and take away pizza’s I can in the hopes that I will find something to fill the gap until I achieve perfection

Today’s pizza is from Padraigin’s, I have had bad experiences in the past with Padraigin’s GF pizza’s. The only one available seemed to be trying to make up for being GF by overloading the base with toppings, unfortunately this usually meant that the overwhelmed base crumbled during the cooking. However since it had been a few years  I decided to give them another go.


This version is a ham pizza and cost €5.49 in my local supermarket. It has clear cooking instructions and in true Padraigin’s spirit it didn’t skimp on the topping. The pizza cooked well but I did notice that the base isn’t too much different from the Tesco frozen GF pizza, it has the same bready consistence. The sauce was fine and there was a plenty of cheese, however the amount of ham on the pizza a bit much after the first few bites. Personally I think ham on a pizza always needs something else, olives, mushrooms, even some basil or pineapple would have really helped here.

All in all it was fine and did fill the spot on a cold and miserable January Sunday when the thought of having to go the work the next day was killing my desire to cook. The search continues though…..

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