Digital Media Awards 2015 #dma2015

Finalists Buttons_2015-01
Something amazing has happened – we are finalists in the Digital Media Awards 2015. It’s nothing short of a miracle and we are as happy as bankers on government-guarantee night.
The winner will be announced at a black-tie Gala on Feb 20th  in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. Given that I was due to give birth the last time we were nominated for an award, I swore we were going to this one come hell or high-water. Vicky, Chelsea and I began to dust of bridesmaids dresses, ring around glamorous friends for a lend-sy, or, in Chelsea’s case, reach into the Mary Poppin’s Bag of wardrobes and pull out the perfect outfit. We were planning baby-sitters, transport, the before-party, the after-party, when one of us thought we better buy three tickets before they all sold out.
That’s when this locomotion hit a hard stop.
The tickets are an eye watering €250. Each. This is clearly an event aimed at established and profitable enterprises rather than a scrappy little blog-that-could like ours.
Two hundred and fifty big ones.  That’s half the month’s rent on a dinner and a bit of a boogie. At €750 for the three of us that’s 12 driving lessons, it’s a ticket home to the States, it’s a weekend away for the whole family, it’s quite simply not happening. Unless one of us discovers a previously unannounced fairy-godmother, the only way we are getting to the ball is if they hire us as catering staff.
But then the DMA organisers announced that this Chocolate Factory also had a golden ticket entrant. No random lottery, instead a competition for the best photo of the sweet treats they sent us finalists. It was as though the gods themselves had opened a window next to a previously slammed door.
We came up with this 
(we were unsure of the timescale and wanted to get something in quickly, plus it has our name in it – not bad corporate branding for a troupe of newbies like ourselves.)
But was it good enough to win? We waited. No winner was announced. Lots of really cool pictures started rolling in from our competitors – ICAN tried to #caketheinternet, ODM went the celeb route and got Einstein involved.
But yet still no winner announced.
And then, over the weekend, we got creative. There were no terms and conditions – nobody said you could only send one photo – so we planned an assault. We divided up our sweeties and took them out to see the world ….. see what they saw today on twitter #dma2015

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