Getting the Chop, or My First Pixie Cut

When I was about 6 years old, I decided I wanted a short hair cut. My mother kindly obliged and took me to the hairdresser.

Now, looking back at those pictures….well, I don’t look back at those pictures. I looked horrible.

I’ve never had long hair – it’s too thin and processed to ever really grow out in a satisfying way – but I’ve remained fairly consistent between shoulder length and bob for the past 23 years.

But then…I started seeing pictures of friends pop up who had done the chop and “would never go back”. I usually wore my hair back in a (sloppy) French twist and people would walk in and exclaim “You’ve cut off all your hair! It looks great!”

I turned 29 recently. I like lists. I decided there were probably some things I’d like to say I did before I turned 30 (or rather, things I wanted to do, and it seemed like a good idea to put an arbitrary timeline on it). So I made a 30 Before 30 list and put as the number one thing – get a pixie cut.

2 days into being 29, I went to my hairdresser, Brian, in House of Colour on D’Olier Street. Brian is great. I can go to Brian and say, I want my hair the colour of this pewter tray that my great grandmother had, and he’ll oblige. When, in December, I wanted dark, dark purple hair, and after we dried it I thought it looked too fuschia, I had no problem saying “Let’s add more blue!” – which he did. There’s no judgement, and I can be honest with him. Which is why I knew that, after two years of giving me bleached silver/lilac/light blue hair with no cut beyond a trim, if I went in and said “Cut it all off! Rosemary’s Baby style! And let’s dye it black as well!” I’d hear no argument from him.

So I did it.


No Hair Don't Care
No Hair Don’t Care

Which is not to say I wasn’t nervous. I was especially worried I would have Tiny Head Syndrome without the cotton-candy halo of fluff I was used to. But, a few days in, and I’m feeling pretty good.

What I’ve learned about having short hair so far:

  1. Getting my hair ready in the morning takes 30 seconds. My straighteners and curlers shall gather dust.
  2. Faux hawks!
  3. Phantom Hair is a thing (I keep trying to run my fingers through it to style it).

Thinking of doing the chop? I recommend it. Change it up!  There are loads of different ways to have a pixie. Soft and vintage, spiky and punky – shop around and see what works for you. Look for pictures with people with your face shape/colouring/etc. I knew that with my hair being so thin, if I kept the white bleached look and had short hair, you would probably see my scalp. I didn’t want that. I also felt that if I was going a bit punky, then I wanted a slightly more “normal” colour. But you do what you want!

Or maybe your hair challenge isn’t a pixie cut. Maybe you’ve always wanted a different colour, or extensions, or to shave half of it, or dreads, or whatever – I say, just do it. You can change it again if you don’t like it – it will grow, after all.

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