Get the Look – The Bohemian Cowgirl

Trend announcements are often (unintentionally) hilarious. Every spring, without fail, the emails start coming in – “Boho is back!” Of course it is – festival season is coming up, and the fashion industry persists with the narrative that we should all be wearing long flowy dresses and flower crowns rather than waterproof everything and lots of layers. And of course, there’s the yearly proclamation that pastels and florals are in:

Love you, Miranda.

But, amid the sameness of spring styles, and though it all still sits under the aforementioned Boho Umbrella (Bohumbrella?), this year there is a definite Western U.S. and 1970s California vibe that, given my recent proclivity towards bison skulls and bourbon, and jumpsuits and fringing, suits me just fine.

There are a few key pieces that can make this look really work. Obviously anything with turquoise. Suede and leather (real or faux – whatever works for you). Fringe. Silver. But also look for broderie detail, and tailored lines. This look is all about mixing utility pieces (boots) with pretty pieces (flowy dresses) so mix and match as suits you.

Here are just a few of my favourites from around the shops and the internet


A Home Made By Commitee - Get the Look - Western Boho

A Home Made By Commitee – Get the Look – Western Boho by chelseathreads


I can’t wait to get my hands on that Zara Bandana necklace. And I have that H&M saddle bag in black, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. It’s compact enough for a night out but holds a startling amount, and looks a lot more expensive than 25 quid.

The great thing about this trend is that so much of it is truly based on comfort (in that sense, I can see how it’s pushed as festival gear – though I still say you’re going to want to wear leggings, wellies, and something with a hood if you’re going to a festival in this part of the world.)
And hats! I could do a whole other piece on hats for this look. I’m hesitant to recommend anything too wide-brimmed in this windy climte but as long as it’s afixed well to your head, have a field day.

Think I’ll throw on some Carole King, drink some bourbon, and gaze at my newly afixed bison skulls.

Wall Skulls

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