Enjoying classic cocktails at D.W. Alexander

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Things that were once popular can be so once again. This is why we constantly reintroduce items or styles from the past. Even though they stopped being popular, that doesn’t mean they are diminished in any way, which is why when certain trends reemerge after a time in the wilderness they attain a large following and popularity.

In the world of cocktails, trend is one of the most important elements which make something good. Let’s be honest, no one is drinking cocktails because of the quality liquor inside of it or its premium taste. If you prefer excellent whiskey, you wouldn’t mix it up with something like Coca-Cola. The thing which makes cocktails so great is their fun factor. Simply put, there is nothing that can light up your mood like fluorescent beverage. As of late, much like the cupcake, there is a great resurgence of once popular cocktails. Some Toronto bars and lounges, such as D.W. Alexander, would like to restore a classic taste to this modern reemergence. With its gentleman’s study room theme, it is only logical that most of their cocktails are from 19th and early 20th century. Here are some of their most popular cocktails. They are delicious and easy to make so you can even try to enjoy them by making them at home.

dwalexander - cocktails

Old fashioned

This cocktail is so old that we can even call it “Grandpa cocktail”. It is one of the first cocktails to achieve wide popularity which comes as no surprise given that both Brits and American love whiskey. The cocktail is pretty simply to make and you don’t need any special purchases for it.

First, put sugar cube into a glass. Splash it with bitters and a little bit of water. Start muddling the cube until it’s dissolved. After its ready, pour whiskey and add a few ice cubes.

Clover Club

Some of the cocktails were made in order to promote certain club or to commemorate an event. When it comes to Clover Club, it was made in Philadelphia in 1917 and it was official drink of a club that bore this name.

  • 5cl Gin
  • 5cl Lemon Juice
  • 5cl Raspberry Syrup (or Grenadine)
  • 1 Egg White

Shake all the ingredients without ice so that the mix can get certain thickness. Afterwards, add ice into the shaker, shake a bit and then stir into a glass.


Another cocktail made on beginning of 20th century, Aviation is characteristic for its sky-blue color. Unfortunately, the main ingredient which gave it such color, Crème de Violette, was unavailable in US and Canada for quite a long time. Luckily for us, with return of this liquor, we are once again able to enjoy this great drink.

  • 5 cl gin
  • 5 cl lemon juice
  • 5 cl maraschino liqueur
  • 1 teaspoon Crème de Violette

Put all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake it and then stir into a glass.

dwalexander - bar

This is a guest post by D.W. Alexander

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