Gluten Free Dublin: 777 Review


not the best images but my phone is not the greatest camera!

I had been craving a Margharita for weeks when I finally snapped last payday and decided to go for dinner in 777 on Georges St. They do amazing margharitas and it was either that or fork out for a bottle of tequila and spend the evening juicing limes.


777 don’t take bookings but you can put your name down on a waiting list and they will call you as soon as a table is available. If you are a party of two you will most likely be seated at the counter, but the stools are comfortable and the counter a generous width so sitting there is really grand. We put our names down and headed across the road for a gluten free beer to while away the time.


I have eaten in 777 before and they are really clear on what on the menu is suitable for a gluten free diet. As soon as I mentioned celiac this time I was talked through each item on the menu and anything that would have contained gluten was pointed out to me and outside of the deserts I was only warned away from one dish that had a crispy onion topping (containing wheat) and two other dishes that were marinated in soy sauce, everything else was fine.


There is a dish on the menu I would heartily recommend and it is the half pigs head carnitas, this is €36 but feeds two people, you are basically getting half a pigs head that has been cooked t perfect golden crispiness served with pickles, soft corn tortillas, grilled corn and papas fritas. As they bring the whole cooked head to the table for us to view it in all its glory they did check first to make sure this wouldn’t bother us, we assured them we were fine but it is nice that they asked as I do know people who would not be up for this at all. The head is then taken back to the kitchen where the crackling is broken in to delicious shards and the meat is shredded before the whole lot is put on a platter with a selection of pickles.


The meat was meltingly perfect and very tasty and the crackling delicious, the grilled corn with a grating of queso cheese was unbelievable good and the papas, fried potatoes with garlic and manchego, were lovely but we were so focussed on the meat that we barely made a dint in them.
I rolled out the door replete and very happy, full of tequila and carnitas.

I would very much recommend 777 to anyone looking for a gluten free restaurant, the staff are well versed in the ingredients of each dish and are reassuringly clear on what you can and can’t eat. The food is great and the drinks amazing and while it is a bit pricey they do food and drinks deals throughout the week.

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