Irish Bucket List


There are a few of them floating out there – lists of Irish attractions that you should really see/do before you kick the bucket. Some of them I have completed simply because I live here (walk down Grafton Street at Christmas) and others I’ve done several times because my Primary School Tours were repetitive and dull (a walk around Newgrange on a wet Tuesday afternoon, after spending four hours in a fume-filled bus, has little to recommend it) and others I will never do because they look boring (visit W.B. Yeats grave? – not until the graveyard adds a fun-park with a coffee stand or possibly a bar).

However there were a few things on the lists that seemed that they might be ok (dare I say it, even fun?) and a few new attractions that I hadn’t heard of yet. So I made a pact with my husband that each weekend in the summer we would try to cross one item off the list, and see how far we get.

We decided to take the Earl approach from My Name is Earl and do whichever one we fancied, rather than trying to follow any pattern or numerical order. This will allow for rainy days, and meh-I-just-don’t-feel-like-doing-that-today days.

Now, obviously we couldn’t start the weekend I made the list because there wasn’t enough notice, and we couldn’t start the following weekend because it was going to be a long week and we would be knackered that weekend, plus I had a friend’s birthday on the Saturday. And the weekend following that we were at a wedding, but soon, very soon, we were going to start and it was going to be epic.

The list so far in no particular order is:

  1. Football Golf :
  2. Tedfest:
  3. Lisdoonvarna Festival :
  4. Horse Fair :
  5. Guinness’s Store House :
  6. James Distillery :
  7. Galway Races:
  8. Attend an GAA All-Ireland Final in Croke Park
  9. Climb Croagh Patrick (not entirely sure I feel the need to do this barefoot)
  10. Climb Carrauntoohil (this might take some training)
  11. National Park – Killarney
  12. Glenoe Waterfall, Co. Antrim
  13. Viking Splash tour
  14. ……..

We would love to hear of anything that you have experienced and thought was fabulous that should be on here…..

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