Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Vote for us!


It is award season again and this time we have been short-listed for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, and, well, to say we are thrilled with ourselves would be a dramatic understatement.

Like an X-Factor hopeful wittering at Olly Murs , we want to thank everyone who made this possible, while at the same time trying to plug for votes!

What are the blog awards?

Billed as the Oscars of Irish blogging, the Blog Awards are a celebration of blogging in Ireland. They pool through the thousands of Irish Blogs and put forth a long list of nominations in 20 categories. This long list is then assessed by a panel of judges and whittled down to the very select short list, from which a winner is selected and announced at a Gala dinner on October 22nd in the Tivoli Theatre Dublin.

I’m not sure E!News will be making an appearance, but we are certain that we will be sashing down a red carpet in front of TV3 cameras at least, being asked by Xpose “who are you wearing?” and being air-kissed by Amy Huberman.

What are we up for?

We have been nominated in Best Food & Drink.

What can you do?

Please vote for us! Vote regularly and often – that’s how we will know you love us 🙂

You can vote for us here:

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