Coconut Flour & Banana Pancakes


While I do depend heavily on the Doves Farm gluten free flours as I find then easy to use, readily available and affordable occasionally I like to try methods for cooking gluten free that don’t involve trying to substitute wheat flour. I have used ground almonds seasoned with fresh thyme to make a beautifully savoury tart shell, instead of breadcrumbs I have again used ground almonds mixed with grated parmesan to coat baked or shallow fried chicken and the results have been lovely. I am always tempted to try recipes involving coconut flour and I did purchase a large bag in the past and I think I used it for one recipe that required one ¼ cup and as the bag cost €9.99 I did not consider this a wise investment.

Happily I was walking through a supermarket yesterday and found a bag of coconut flour for the much more reasonable price of €4.95 and I have decided I am going to make a concerted effort to use the whole bag and not throw out the majority like I did the last time!
First recipe I wanted to try was coconut flour and banana pancakes. I enjoy a nicely syruped pancake for breakfast every now and then but last night after a DAY at work I needed something comforting and simple  and pancakes with strawberries drizzled with honey was what I went with.

The recipe is simple but uses six medium sized eggs and although eggs are not expensive using a whole carton of eggs for a one recipe always seems very extravagant to me, however I got twenty two  pancakes out of the batter so now I have a freezer full of pancakes for whenever the needs hits me.



3 large ripe bananas
6 medium eggs, if you only have large eggs add the eggs to the batter two at a time so that your batter isn’t too liquid
1/3 cup coconut flour
1/8 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Butter for frying.


  • If you have a blender you can simply put all of the ingredients in the jug and blitz until you have a nice thick but still pourable batter.
  • I do not have so I used my immersion blender to blitz the bananas and then added in the dry ingredients before adding the eggs and the vanilla. If you are worried about the number of eggs making the batter too loose or if you only have large eggs you should add the eggs to the batter two at a time until the batter is the consistency you want.
  • Heat your pan or skillet over a medium heat and melt some butter.
  • I used my tablespoon measure to place a heaped spoon of the batter on the pan. Spread the batter out a bit with the back of the spoon.
  • Allow the pancakes to cook for two to four minutes until the base is golden and set before using a palette knife or fish slice to flip them over, continue to cook for another two minutes. If you are unsure that the pancakes are cooked through lightly press the centre of the pancake with your finger and you should feel that it is quite set.

These pancakes have a dense nutty texture and are definitely more filling than pancakes made with Gluten Free flour which can only be a good thing as I was satisfied with three rather than clearing the entire plate of twenty two!

Serve with fresh fruit, compote, bacon, sausage, maple syrup or honey, however you want, they will be delicious.

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