Two Restaurant Reviews: Gluten Free Eating in Dublin 7


It would appear that I have not cooked anything in five days. I have used my kitchen for defrosting and reheating only since last Saturday. This is an unusual occurrence as I am a person who likes to cook, I like to eat and I cook to relax so it is very unusual for me to step back from my oven for so long. Life has been busy and I have been either out in the evenings or so late home from work that the best I can manage is throwing a potato in the microwave to bake. I’m not complaining though, it is good to be busy but I am looking forward to getting back in to my kitchen this weekend.

Although I haven’t been cooking I have been eating and I have two reviews here for restaurants local to my area of Smithfield. One is an update on my review last year of Mulligans the Grocer and the other is of the BBQ place My Meat Wagon which has great food even if it has a name I find strangely off putting.
I love that there are so many restaurants in the Smithfield / Stonybatter area of Dublin 7 where as a celiac I can eat. Mulligans, Oscars, Wuff and My Eat Wagon all offer gluten free options or will adapt their dishes to be celiac friendly if requested and all are a short walk from my front door.

All of these restaurants are convenient to the Light House cinema if you are planning on doing the classic dinner and a movie evening.


L Mulligan Grocer

I wrote a review of Mulligans last year in which I was a little scathing of their lack of gluten free sides, one evening I went in and not even the mashed potato was gluten free however I do love the atmosphere in there and also the fact that they serve one of my favourite GF beers, Daas Blond Ale. The other night we wandered in for a pint and to see if there was anything on the menu I could eat and low and behold they presented me with a separate menu listing all the dishes suitable for different allergies / dietary restrictions. It is also mentioned on this menu that they now have a separate fryer for gluten free chips . Good stuff. For starters I ordered the potted crab which was served with a lovely pile of gluten free toast cut in to soldiers and to follow I had the pork belly and a healthy portion of chips which had been fried to crispy perfection in the gluten free fryer. I left happy and very very full.
I really love when restaurants evolve the way they prepare and cook in order to facilitate the needs of hungry diners so well done Mulligans.

L Mulligan Grocer


My Meat Wagon
My Meat Wagon has been open for over a year now but I have never been in as there was no indication on their menu, website or facebook page as to whether they catered for a celiac diet or not. The other night I took a chance and just went in and asked the waiter as I was seated and he kindly went through the entire menu with me indicating what I could or couldn’t eat. The waiter also mentioned that they usually have a seperate fryer for gluten free chips but that unfortunately it was out of commission that evening.


All of the meat is gluten free and many of the sides so I went for a board with pulled pork and belly pork and slaw and bacon studded mashed potatoes as sides. It was all delicious and there was so much food I asked for a take away box and had the remainder for lunch the following day.

They also serve gluten free beer but alas it was the Damn Daura which is frankly the Bud Light of GF beers so I stuck with wine.
I am not sure why My Meat Wagon don’t make a point about the fact that they can cater for a gluten free diet on their website or on the menu which is pinned up outside the restaurant but I am here to tell you that they do so enjoy!

My Meat Wagon


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