Travelling while Celiac: Barcelona

At the start of November I travelled to Barcelona for a Joanna Newsome concert, both the musician and the city were new two me and I really enjoyed both.
Barcelona is a beautiful city and was surprisingly and delightfully sunny for the 4th of November. The architecture is amazing, there is art everywhere you look and a walk along the marina is  a glimpse in to the world of the super -rich and their frankly ridiculous yachts.

There are small stores full fresh bread and pastries or fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere and a load of small bars serving tapas. Here in lies the problem for a celiac who doesn’t speak Spanish. A lot of the tapas were pre made, served on bread and displayed on the pub bar and so were out of the question.
I had done some research before I left and found a few celiac friendly restaurants but they were a bit of a walk away from my hotel which was close to the concert venue and therefore not the best options for dinner.


I did manage to have two really good meals while I was there but the next time I go I think I will stay in an apartment and make my own meals from all the amazing produce that is available in the city.

On my first afternoon there my friend and I ate in in a tiny restaurant called Rebelot on the Carrer del Baluard. This gorgeous little place is relaxed and cosy and the food was simple and lovely. There was one guy manning the bar, taking orders and serving and one other guy working away in the open kitchen, between them they managed to keep the atmosphere relaxed and extremely chilled out. People were served as their food was ready and the customers were all happy to sit with their drinks and wait. We ordered two lethal gin and tonics, free pouring liquor is apparently the way they go in Barcelona and I began discussing the menu with the guy working the floor, he went through every item with me and shouted questions back to the kitchen so the chef could confirm what I could eat. As most of the menu was fresh fish and salad I was pretty well catered for.

While we were waiting a bowl of fresh bread was brought to the table for my friend and I was presented with a small bowl of olives, the waiter gestured to the bread and then gave me a brief hug in commiseration for my not being able to eat any of it, this was the nicest reaction I have ever had telling a waiter I was celiac, he wasn’t put out, he was happy to find me something to eat and he was sorry for all the good stuff I couldn’t have. My burrata salad and grilled prawns were all the more delicious for this welcome.

The morning after the concert we woke late and I felt the need of a good feed before a day of sight- seeing so we walked forty minutes from the hotel to find Copasetic on the Carrer de la Diputacio. This restaurant is very celiac friendly although they do have the disclaimer that the kitchen isn’t a designated gluten free zone. It is a beautiful bright space with outdoor seating and as it was a beautiful balmy day we sat outside. I ordered a free range chicken burger on what has to be the best gluten free bread roll I have ever had, it had a crisp crust and was lovely and soft inside, the burger was served with a baked potato in lieu of chips and kept me going for the whole day.



I would definitely recommend either of these restaurants if you are looking for a gluten free meal in Barcelona but I would also recommend that you do your research before you go and mark all the GF locations on a map so you can organise your sight- seeing around your meals!

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