Bio – Guest Bloggers

In order of Appearance

1. Jean Gibbons from Pretty Tasty Bakes

Jean PTB Bio

“…. a cake without decoration might as well be bread…”

While all of Jean’s cakes taste delicious, it is undoubtedly the wonderment of her decorating skills which keeps her cakes in high demand. These culinary masterpieces have graced everything from birthday parties, to anniversaries, to festive fares. But the best part perhaps is that, because all the decoration is made from icing sugar, they are edible from the tip of the multi-coloured replica on top, to the yummy cake underneath. If you would like to see more of Jean’s creations pop over to:


2. Bob Owens

Robert Image

“… there is nothing as dramatic as a mixologist’s hands at work…”

Bob is an unassuming mixing master, who is as likely to casually blow your mind with a White Russian as he is to tantalise your taste buds with a creation of his own. No party has passed without the ‘ooohhs’ and ‘aahhs’ of an admiring crowd sipping on something delicious, which is what makes invites to such occasions the most coveted ticket in town, but with an air of exclusivity that the Vintage Cocktail Club would die for, you never know when or where the next party will strike.


3. Máire Brophy

Maire Guest 3

Originally from Dublin and still there despite the eviction notices and extradition warrants, Máire spends most of her spare time procrastinating, binge watching TV and constructing things out of cake.

Professionally she works with researchers, getting excited about discovery and the things they do, and helping them to do more of it. About a decade ago after several mysterious symptoms she was discovered to be allergic to about half the foods normal people eat, and can commonly be seen shaking her fist and shouting ‘Damn you pepper!’

Máire currently lives in a flat above a shop and hopes that this gritty urban setting will help her to realise every Irish person’s dream of writing that misery porn novel we all keep inside of us. So far her fictional writing has only resulted in unfinished comedy, but anything is possible.

For cake construction activities :

And can be found on twitter :


4. Aoife Byrne

Aoife Byrne

Aoife Byrne is an out and out addict (shopping addict of course, don’t worry yourself). Her love of all things makeup and beauty related started right around the time of her pre-teen years. She has learned most of her skills and knowledge in this realm through the use of the almighty YouTube, gaining tips and trick from some of the most experienced and well-known names in the beauty world.

Her love for fashion started a small bit later (better late than never). Naturally she had her fair share of hideous outfit choices (which may forever haunt her), but having written a lot about other people’s fashion choices, she has developed a keen eye for spotting this seasons must-haves as well as timeless and classic pieces which will last a lifetime.

Although a lover of designer items, her student lifestyle sadly does not support this, thus leaving her a complete advocate for high street replicas and knockoffs. This in turn allows her to spend most of (read: all) her free time trolling though shops and online sites to try to find the best quality items for the best price (which of course is all for a good cause).

In the future she hopes to continue writing beauty and fashion articles and completely immerse herself in the industry (#lifegoals).



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