Bio – Victoria Owens


Victoria Owens is originally from Cork and while she loves living in Dublin she does believe that nothing in the capital can compete with the coastline and countryside of her home county. Well except for  the restaurants, cinemas, bars, food markets of every ethnicity and the possibility of buying groceries 24 hours a day….

Having studied in UCC and obtaining a very useful BA in English she became a jack of many trades, working in film production, arts administration and retail. She even flirted briefly with the civil service but sadly a career with job security and benefits never  really in the cards. Currently she pays the bills while trying to keep her sanity managing an office, a job that is equal parts lovely (the people) and infuriating (the actual work). Victoria is hopeful of leaving this fine and rewarding position for a career in photography.

Victoria lives with a very tall man who has a very tall daughter, this makes her very conscious of being just about 5’6″. They live in a old house with a disturbing number of cracks in the walls but with lots of space and a garden, the novelty of either of these things can not be overstated when renting in Dublin city center. She has neither children or pets but doesn’t judge anyone who chooses to have either.

Having been diagnosed with celiac in 2007 Victoria had a  cry and then set about adapting to life gluten free. Learning to cook and bake gluten free has been an interesting challenge over the last seven years. An even bigger challenge has been finding restaurants that will cook for celiacs.

Things are getting better though, with more supermarkets supplying gluten free food and more restaurants learning how to cater for the gluten free diet.  There are certain things that still rankle though, the high cost of gluten free products, that extra 50c charge for your gluten free bagel or pizza base and the fact that a lot of places say they have a gluten free option that turns out to be salad with no dressing or something that is not suitable for celiacs at all.

Life isn’t all about food though, there are books, movies, music, board games and long evenings on the couch with the tall person and the Xbox 360 to be enjoyed. If you ever want to test your relationship she recommends the two player option on any of the Resident Evil games, you will learn a lot about each other.



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