Bio – Cathy Clarke

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Cathy Clarke was born and raised in a small village in Ireland. An avid reader from childhood, she planned to travel to the worlds of her novels, packing up and bringing her family, friends and extended-household with her, using the magic she was sure to discover as soon as she was grown. She still waits for that day. In the meantime she took what she could from home and settled ten minutes down the road so she wouldn’t be too far from what she left.  She lives with her husband, offspring and many animals in a household that often feels like a small petting zoo.

Professionally she has been everything from an archaeologist to auditor; shoe-salesperson to software consultant, and a lot of occupations starting with different letters in between. Writing is seen by many of her friends as her attempt to make inroads at the latter end of the alphabet, although Cathy tries not to get involved in such debates as it distracts from her ongoing plot to colonise the neighbour’s yard.

Passionate about DIY and decorating, Cathy has done her best to turn a very standard semi-detached house into anything but standard, stopping short (for the moment) at structural changes. She is a keen gardener, having owned her own allotment, and an animal lover. Although not quite as hippy as she sounds (embracing with open arms deodorant, makeup, bras and high-heels), she is never happier then when she is in her old work clothes, knee deep in a particularly messy project and there is the potential for a nice glass of wine at the end of it.

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