Contact Us & Contributions

1f. flying pig2

Well, hello, how are you today? If you are reading this, you are probably gently considering reaching out to us – please do and don’t be shy, we LOVE to hear from people about our blog (Is it pride in our work? Is it narcissism? Hard to tell really!).

Please contact us on:

  • Cathy Clarke: clarke_cathy(at)hotmail(dot)com
  • Victoria Owens: joannevictoriaowens(at)gmail(dot)com

Guest Bloggers and Submissions:

Unfortunately we are not accepting guest bloggers at this time. If this situation changes we will be sure to announce it on our site.

Stolen images:

Although most of the images on our site are original work, occasionally we borrow from the net. In all cases we do our utmost to attribute the correct credit to the owner of that image, however sometimes it is hard to find the source. If we have used your image and not assigned the credit to you correctly, please let us know, it is an accident that we would like to correct. If you would prefer we can of course remove it, but before you get too irate about the issue please remember that we have used the image because we thought it was cool, not to intentionally upset anyone or flout copyright law.

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