Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Vote for us!


It is award season again and this time we have been short-listed for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015, and, well, to say we are thrilled with ourselves would be a dramatic understatement.

Like an X-Factor hopeful wittering at Olly Murs , we want to thank everyone who made this possible, while at the same time trying to plug for votes!

What are the blog awards?

Billed as the Oscars of Irish blogging, the Blog Awards are a celebration of blogging in Ireland. They pool through the thousands of Irish Blogs and put forth a long list of nominations in 20 categories. This long list is then assessed by a panel of judges and whittled down to the very select short list, from which a winner is selected and announced at a Gala dinner on October 22nd in the Tivoli Theatre Dublin.

I’m not sure E!News will be making an appearance, but we are certain that we will be sashing down a red carpet in front of TV3 cameras at least, being asked by Xpose “who are you wearing?” and being air-kissed by Amy Huberman.

What are we up for?

We have been nominated in Best Food & Drink.

What can you do?

Please vote for us! Vote regularly and often – that’s how we will know you love us 🙂

You can vote for us here:

Digital Media Awards 2015 #dma2015

Finalists Buttons_2015-01
Something amazing has happened – we are finalists in the Digital Media Awards 2015. It’s nothing short of a miracle and we are as happy as bankers on government-guarantee night.
The winner will be announced at a black-tie Gala on Feb 20th  in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. Given that I was due to give birth the last time we were nominated for an award, I swore we were going to this one come hell or high-water. Vicky, Chelsea and I began to dust of bridesmaids dresses, ring around glamorous friends for a lend-sy, or, in Chelsea’s case, reach into the Mary Poppin’s Bag of wardrobes and pull out the perfect outfit. We were planning baby-sitters, transport, the before-party, the after-party, when one of us thought we better buy three tickets before they all sold out.
That’s when this locomotion hit a hard stop.
The tickets are an eye watering €250. Each. This is clearly an event aimed at established and profitable enterprises rather than a scrappy little blog-that-could like ours.
Two hundred and fifty big ones.  That’s half the month’s rent on a dinner and a bit of a boogie. At €750 for the three of us that’s 12 driving lessons, it’s a ticket home to the States, it’s a weekend away for the whole family, it’s quite simply not happening. Unless one of us discovers a previously unannounced fairy-godmother, the only way we are getting to the ball is if they hire us as catering staff.
But then the DMA organisers announced that this Chocolate Factory also had a golden ticket entrant. No random lottery, instead a competition for the best photo of the sweet treats they sent us finalists. It was as though the gods themselves had opened a window next to a previously slammed door.
We came up with this 
(we were unsure of the timescale and wanted to get something in quickly, plus it has our name in it – not bad corporate branding for a troupe of newbies like ourselves.)
But was it good enough to win? We waited. No winner was announced. Lots of really cool pictures started rolling in from our competitors – ICAN tried to #caketheinternet, ODM went the celeb route and got Einstein involved.
But yet still no winner announced.
And then, over the weekend, we got creative. There were no terms and conditions – nobody said you could only send one photo – so we planned an assault. We divided up our sweeties and took them out to see the world ….. see what they saw today on twitter #dma2015

Web Awards 2014: We made it to the Quarter Finals

web awards 2014

Like a plucky New York ladies football team trying for the Sam Maguire Cup, we are at dazzling heights of success here, having reached the Quarter Finals stage of the Web Awards 2014. For a team that would have been delighted with mid-table obscurity, to achieve this much this quickly is an amazing feeling. We count ourselves lucky not to be fighting relegation to the Award Programme for those using English as a foreign language.

To keep us fighting fit for the rest of the competition we are taking a leaf from Kieran Donaghy’s book (the captain of the winning Kerry team in the All Ireland final) and arranging for “morning juices” to keep up our stamina.

Go on the Girls in a peculiar shade of Sage Green, we can do it!!

The Web Awards will take place during a glitzy affair on October 22nd in Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin. We are nominated in the Best Web Only Publication category and the Best Daily Web Only Publication category.

We have been nominated for another award!




We have been nominated for another award!!! This time it’s the Web Awards and we are nominated in the Best Web Only Publication category and the Best Daily Web Only Publication category. We could not be more happy or more excited by our nomination – well that is unless we win of course – then we will be happiest and most excited about winning!


But before we let all the excitement go to our heads, and start planning where we will display the trophy at home, it’s important to remind ourselves that we haven’t actually won anything yet. Judging for the Web Award isn’t a public vote; it is based on critical evaluation, not who has the most fans/friends (so we just might stand a chance!). However, there is some stiff competition in both of our categories and a lot of good sites out there.

Over the next few weeks a bank of 120 Judges will be evaluating all the nominations and compiling a shortlist of finalists. The awards will take place during a glitzy affair on October 22nd in Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin.